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#1 Jan 4th 2019, 2:41 pm

From: Idutywa-Eastern Cape
Registered: May 8th 2007,

Schooling Days for my twin son is over

The schooling days for my twin son has ended today following his matric result 2018. I vividly remember him sniffing and sucking thumb on his first 28 February 2001, entering grade 1 at Afrikaans medium school at Rietenbosch primary pass with flying colours the foundation phase and completed his senior phase with high note living behind his twin brother Yolo to repeat grade 7. Luckhoff Sek welcomes him with English medium instruction but with foundation of Afrikaans and maths he shows that he will make it. Today he says "Goodbye Luckhoff, Real World here I Come". Congratulations my son, I am proud of you.

"I will do what is Best for myself and my Family".



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