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#1 Jan 3rd 2019, 3:40 pm

From: Idutywa-Eastern Cape
Registered: May 8th 2007,

Fail, fail

One wonders how to deal with a your child who didn't make in the final exams. Some say signs that you wont make it in final exams are already shown by the second term of the year where the will a decline in your result percentage of stats. the third term is just a final nail in the coffin that you are sinking. Any attempt that would make is to fight for promotion which always make it hard for your in the next grade.

I always tell my boyz that get in right in the first term you wont go wrong because what you knew in the first term will still remain in your heard and the added work on the second term would be work of your final exams because most of the examiners tend to go to the work of the second term when ever they are setting up papers.

Failing is a heart breaking moment and most of analyst request us to give all failed children the support that examination is an assessment of your life on what you want to be. Everybody sees the moment of failing as the downfall in life yet it is the challenge that is part of  365 days of the year. Most cases we heard about exam result in the 3rd or 4th day of the year, which gives us 360 maximum day to prepare for it.

Senzo my son you didn't make it try harder!!

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