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#1 Nov 30th 2017, 4:28 pm

From: Idutywa-Eastern Cape
Registered: May 8th 2007,

My Mazda Astina Memories -2009

I was thinking that peer pressure only affect people that are younger as my son, but in this year i realise that I am under pressure to have a car as my of my daily duties need a car as well as the family.

Buying up my car in 2009 it was my first car to own and i had to buy it from the street. It has a history of things that I did about it.

Once you slaughter for your car you think you protect it from accidents. First bump of my door take place on 3 February 2010 by the wife of Zwakala near strongyard

On the same month I recall driving Nomfukamo to Izila likaMafayfi that was on the  27/02/2010 with my Mazda Astina.

I still remember driving it to Durban for Church service, it was commemoration of Apostle Phakathi 2010 if my memory serves me well Umtata not once.

This car went to church service in East London not once. I drove this car in attendance a funeral service of Felix Hashibi, on our way to my broke the gearbox and sincrones at just after the Western Cape tunnel but manage to drive it with 100 perhour all the way using 4 gears. Miracles nerh

Nolundi Manganya as well as Ritual of Mafayfi Manganya. Recently went to a funeral of my father Mqwalaseli Ndamase and also save when my wife had an ankle fracture. Memories of this car are with the time that my wife was having Iduli. Ritual service of my cousin Nombulelo. Several visit to my inlaw during their deteriorating health. The last is when I had to pick my son for Manhood. Last straw was when I had to attend a funeral service at Mqanduli but when I was at Questown I hit a cow, damage my front part that result me to stay at Cofimvaba as I was trying to fix it radiator and the bonnet

This car is the one that I drove in search for uMbobhane at Randfontien end up in Welkom Meloding surburbs

"I will do what is Best for myself and my Family".



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