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Discuss anything you want in here.
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Post your images here.
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This week's 3 Xhosa proverbs

1. Akukho rhamncwa linga gqumiyo kowalo umngxuma.There is no wild animal that does not growl in its own burrow. Any person will defend his or her own home.
2. Akukho sibonda siguga namaxolo aso. No stake decays along with its bark. The bark of a tree being more perishable decays first. The mind outlasts the body as the soul lives on after the decay of the body. Or it could be applied to mean that the body outlasts its clothing. The variety of applications of this proverb is almost limitless.
3. Alitshoni lingenandaba. The sun does not set without some news. Every new day heralds some fresh event.

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